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Galaxy Community Council Membership Renewal Procedure GCC members need to fill out the SF Form 1 for Background Checks.

1. The SF Form 1  is the only required form. Download Form

Printable Form

Use your computer to fill out the form and print it.  When you get this electronically, open the attachment click on “Enable All Features” on the upper right of the page. This will allow you to TYPE in all the required information.

Use the CAPS LOCK when typing in this form.

DO NOT TAKE YOUR RENEWAL FORM TO WESTOVER PASS AND ID. This form can only be processed by Paul Aubuchon or Sue Laflamme.

2. Send it to Galaxy Community Council, 570 Patriot Ave, Box 10, Westover ARB, MA  570 Patriot Ave, Box 10, Westover ARB, MA 01022 or bring to the next GCC meeting and present to Sue Laflamme.

Include your annual dues payment of $75 and mail to GCC.


    Last Name / Suffix if applicable (i.e. Sr. / Jr. / III/ IV / V / VI )

    First Name / Middle Name  (No Middle Initial) If no Middle Name Leave Blank

    Date of Birth (EXAMPLE: 2014OCT15) regardless of what is on the Form fill it
    out like this.

    Home Phone or Cell Phone to Include the Area Code

    Height / Weight / Eyes / Hair ( Example, 5’ 9” /125 / BLUE /BLOND )

    SSN: Required for all Transactions.

    Permanent Residence Card (If NoN-USA Citizen) and required when being issued a Contractors Badge

    Home Address to include Street Number / City / Town / State or Province/zip Code or Country Code.

    Driver’s License Number / State of Issue / Expires:  Year, Month, Day
    (EXAMPLE: 2014 OCT 15) Must Have In Possession when being issued
    A Contractors Badge.

    Are you a United States Citizen: YES
    Massachusetts Residence for the Last Seven Years.  If No then Fill in either
    Box (1) Box (2) or Box (3) If needed.


A National Background Check is Required, Unless the applicant has a 
(Military ID) Check the appropriate Box that Applies: Active / Reservist / 
Guardsman /Retiree / Dependent

DO NOT SIGN OR DATE UNTIL SECURITY CHECK IS PROCESSES AND BADGE IS ISSUED.  Signature of Employee and Date will be filled in when receiving your Contractor Badge.


Sample Form

Allow 15 Business Days for all Background checks.

If you have a question, contact Sue Laflamme or

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December 13, 2017

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