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Member of the Month – Each month the Galaxy Community Council profiles one of its members.  This month’s member is:

When Bob Marshall joined the Air Force in 1949 he will tell you it was the best thing he ever did.  Originally from New Hampshire and a family with 10 children Bob found a welcomed home in the military.  The Air Force was still going through its transition from the Army during mid to late 1940’s.  “I was a brown shoe in the Air Force and I always had to have two sets of uniforms with me”. Bob recalls.  “A brown one for the Army and a blue one for the Air Force.”  Depending on what base he was on he would have to wear one or the other uniform.

Bob was trained in radio repair (Communications) because he had a strong interest in electronics.  After four years and several stops around the globe Bob decided to leave the Air Force in October 1953 with the rank of Staff Sergeant.   He continued his education at the University of New Hampshire studying electrical engineering and soon found work at a Cambridge Massachusetts company doing sub-contracting work for the Air Force.  Bob furthered his education at the Boston University School of Engineering Management and soon after found work as a Senior Engineer with Hamilton Standard in 1966.  At a time in America was in the heart of the space race Bob was fortunate to work on the Apollo Program and the Shuttle Program.  He and his team contributed to the electronics on the Lunar Lander and the astronaut suits for extravehicular activity (EVA).   After a Long and successful career Bob retired in the early 1990s.

Bob and his late wife Nancy have four children and four grandchildren.  He has lived in Longmeadow for 50 years and still very much enjoys his connection to the Air Force through the Galaxy Community Council at Westover.  “I really enjoy being connected to Westover and the aircraft. My grandson was thrilled to get a tour of a C-5”.  Said Bob.

Thank you for your service to our country and the Galaxy Community Council.  It is people like Bob that make the GCC a great organization.

Newsletter: If you know of any member not receiving the newsletter by email or regular mail please notify Bud Shuback. Bill Sheehan or Chip Harrington so we can add you to our contact list.  Thank you.

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January 10, 2018
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February 14, 2018

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