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To retain ACCESS privileges to WARB, dues must be paid by December 31st for the subsequent calendar year.  In order to process your payment in time, it should be received by December 15th.  If dues are not paid by December 31st, the member’s ID card will be invalid and Base access will be denied (This is WARB policy.).  Members with unpaid dues as of January 31st of the current dues year will have their membership terminated and must submit a completely new application for membership with the appropriate dues for the current year.  Applicants for membership in the GCC must submit a payment equal to the dues for the current year with their application.  Current annual GCC membership dues are $75.  Dues for spouses of primary members are $25.


  • GCC Financial matters will be conducted with two separate accounts:


  • All Air Show Finances will be conducted only with air show bank account funds. Air Show and related fundraising income and expenses will be deposited to and paid from this account, currently held at Peoples Bank. 
  • The GCC General Membership account, currently held at Westfield Bank will be used solely for contributions in support of Westover ARB organizations and activities, GCC membership activities including, subsidized membership food costs, non-air show travel expense, holiday parties, speaker program expense, and other non-air show activities. Funds for this account will accrue from membership dues, the GCC air show administrative allocation and miscellaneous sources at monthly meetings.


  • GCC Spending: No purchasing of goods & services or other financial commitments will be made without approval of the GCC president and/or finance committee. All purchases and contracts must be approved by the GCC president and/or the finance committee. 


  • Air Show Surplus Money: When there is a non-dedicated air show income surplus, 20% of the surplus will be allocated to the GCC to be used primarily for contributions to Westover tenants. The balance of the surplus will be retained in the GCC air show account to be used for future air show seed money to include promotional expenses, performer deposits, ICAS, other professional organization expenses, trade shows and other air show related start-up costs. If it is determined that air show expenses will exceed anticipated income, cost cutting measures including the elimination of air show acts, will be taken to assure financial balance.  If it is apparent that the surplus will fall short of expectations, the GCC account allocation of 20% will be reduced or eliminated for that air show.


  • All requests for contributions from the GCC must be made in writing to a member of the board of directors. The request will then be referred to the finance committee for recommendation at the next meeting of the board of directors.


  • State and Federal reporting will be made by the GCC independent accountant. An independent auditor will review and report on our finances annually in accordance with the GCC Charter.


  • All official GCC correspondence and reports should be checked for accuracy by at least one GCC officer and board member before they are sent.
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January 10, 2018
January 17, 2018
  • GCC Board Meeting
    Wing HQ Conference Room
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  • GCC General Meeting
    Westover Consolidated Club, 6640 Anderson Road, Chicopee, MA 01022, USA
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February 14, 2018

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