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Sepcial Commitees


Contracts Ed Spellacy
Sponsor liaison Don Ferrell, Marie Laflamme
Personnel Werner Maiwald
Hotel rooms/rental cars Connie Foster
Site & logistics Rich Marion, Stu Cowles
Food & beverage Dave Canegallo
Breakfast Kathy Wood
Golf Carts Ernie Laflamme
Vintage aircraft Al Chwalek, Bob Houldson
ICAS Don Ferrell, Al Chwalek
Finance Paul Aubuchon, Bud Shuback
Merchandise Rick Hirt, Ray Lehoullier
Social media Bob Houldson
Photography David Hayward, Chris Marion
Publicity Bill Sheehan
Finance Paul Aubuchon, Connie Foster, Joe Marois, Marie Laflamme, Bud Shuback, Don Ferrell, Amybeth Perry
Audit Ed Spellacy, Joe Tumidajewicz, Bill Sheehan
Membership Werner Maiwald
Insurance Marie Laflamme
Purchasing David Klinkowski
Merchandise Rick Hirt, Ray Lehoullier
Charter & By-laws Ed Spellacy, Bill Sheehan
Nominating committee Bill Sheehan, Earl Bonett
Membership Peter Brunette
Web sites & Social media Bob Houldson, Bill Houldson, Corey Briere, Chris Marion
Military Liaison Bud Shuback
Community outreach Ron Proulx
Veterans Liaison John Harrington
USO Liaison Bud Shuback, Earl Bonett
Family Services Liaison Connie Foster
Shriners Liaison Joe Marois
Protocol Bill Sheehan
Special Events Dave Canegallo
Barnes ANG Liaison Earl Bonett, Don Ferrell
Newsletter Bill Sheehan
Speakers Bill Sheehan, Earl Bonett
Dinner reception Frank Kolek, Sheri Baranowski


GCC members who want to be on a committee should contact any director or committee member who will present their name for approval by the Board of Directors.

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November 15, 2017
  • GCC Meeting
    Westover Club, 6640 Anderson Road, Chicopee, MA 01022
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December 13, 2017

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